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Vikas Rajkumar Shukla’s mechanical engineering world has kindled the flame of modern engineering

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The earliest evidence of Engineering in India can be dated back to pre-historic times. Since then, this Nobel field has continued to amaze the youth to opt for it as a career. New India is experiencing a revolutionary wave of experiential learning that has rekindled the flame of learning about engineered products.

Vikas Rajkumar Shukla’s mechanical engineering world has kindled the flame of modern engineering

Mechanical Engineering World has emerged as the guiding light for thousands who aspire to learn about new-age technology to excel in their domain of engineering. A lot of experts from one of the most prestigious institutions are part of the team of the page. These experts readily resolve queries of members of the page community, pertaining to field of engineering

Vikas Rajkumar Shukla’s mechanical engineering world has kindled the flame of modern engineering

 Mechanical Engineering World is a new-age social media platform covering an extensive range of engineering marvels that have transformed how our world functions. Mechanical Engineering World stands out as a platform because it has been developed as an ecosystem of learning for Mechanical Engineering & Construction enthusiasts. Today, many pages are in the race of getting millions of followers but Mechanical Engineering World has class followers who religiously follow the advice and guidance of experts on-page.

Vikas Rajkumar Shukla’s mechanical engineering world has kindled the flame of modern engineering

 Under the strong leadership of Vikas Shukla, the proficient team at Mechanical Engineering World has invested their passion and skillset in building the platform so that even a person with basic skills can reap the benefits to learn about the latest technologies.

 From a very early age, Vikas was attracted by various opportunities offered by mechanical engineering. His passion for science and technology fuelled him to build expertise in the domain of IT and nurture business acumen to make his dream come true. The co-founder of Engineering Insider, Vikas, envisioned creating a platform for short but informative posts for youth who can learn in a limited time.

Thus, he launched the Facebook channel, Mechanical Engineering World, to extensively cover various emerging technologies for people at large. This Engineering graduate from Pune University along with his team explain concepts with dexterity to their audience that they could easily relate to.

 With time, the platform widened its horizons and covered comprehensive information about Mechanical Engineering & Construction. The adept team acquaints viewers with ground-breaking technologies in the most simple and interactive way.

When asked about the motivation to start the page, he replied “When I interacted with engineering students I found the dire requirement of a technology-oriented page where they can get answers to their questions promptly. As a team, we have highly educated people in our community from professors, alumni from MIT, Stanford, IITs etc. We take imparting knowledge in a new way as a challenge. We carry due diligence in curating content based on well-researched concepts so that our followers can clarify their conceptual errors. Every morning, we address feedback and inculcate changes to improve our page, if required. Various highly qualified engineers, professors and experts interact with our page continually. So, this is how we get motivated and encourage to do better day by day.”

To no surprise, to date, they have a total of 50Million + Engineering Followers on social media. The page became an internet sensation as millions of viewers liked their platform and shared it with their loved ones. Today, Mechanical Engineering World Page is ranked as 2nd most followed page in the World and 1st most followed page in India in its category.

 Their supporters showed the exact amount of enthusiasm on their website engineeringinsider.org. The website is home to learning from a diverse range of articles relating to building revolutionary engineering products. The followers have done word-of-mouth publicity as they claim Mechanical Engineering World to be an ideal platform to better understand state-of-the-art engineering products and advancements in the field of Mechanical Engineering & Construction.

The founder, Vikas, is an avid book reader and draws his inspiration from engineering books, Biographies, and autobiographies of great engineers. Thus, he actively works with the team to build this one of the fastest-growing social media pages and provide holistic services to viewers.

 Over the years, Mechanical Engineering World has expanded its presence on other social media, Instagram, which has further multiplied its followers. Netizens on these social media outpour their love and support for the company, which is reflected on the statistics of the company. The Information technology company of Vikas has successfully helped build an ecosystem of shared learning on social media and ignited the minds of youth to be inspired to bring further transformation in the engineering world.

At Mechanical Engineering World, Vikas and his tech-savvy team plan to further their horizon to help their followers know about upcoming technologies and engage in discussion with other followers of the page. The vision is to create a source of information for all pathbreaking technologies. Vikas’s future aim is to contribute in the growth of India by creating a leading company in the field of Technology.

MEW Page - https://www.facebook.com/mech.eng.world/

MEW Group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/Mech.Eng.World.Group/

MEW YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/c/UnboxEngineeringworld/

Unbox Factory YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/c/UnboxFactory/

MEW Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/mech.eng.world/


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